Thursday, November 6, 2008

Eric Jensen

Wasn't the workshop with Eric Jensen on Tools of Engagement awesome? Let's share some of the "ah ha!" moments you received from the workshop and what you felt was the best idea you brought back from the day. Or if you are already using some of the strategies successfully, we want to hear from you so we can jump in there too. Let's hear and support each other!


Anonymous said...

The use of music in the classroom is such a great idea and I have already seen several teachers doing this!

pat said...

Would someone have a playlist they could share? -- pat

Anonymous said...

I have a CD for transitions and a CD for work that anyone is welcome to borrow and put on their itunes.
Karie Aldrich

Mandie Funk said...

Here are some of my favorite ideas...
-the energizer "hooray, clap, cheer"
-using " How many of you would like to get this done and go to recess a little early?
- stopping and summarizing what's been learned (quick write)
- saying phrases to partners "your it" or "practically Einstein!" or "you're a genius"
-giving teacher rules
-taking deep breaths
-one step directions
-giving the first letter or two of a word
-shifting bodies, even just in chairs
-saying "thank you" after a student answers
-"ride my bus" (try it to the instrumental version of "I Like to Move It" on my iTunes

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